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Welcome to
Hoppy Butterfly

What’s A Hoppy Butterfly?

Hoppy Butterfly is your hub for quality craft beers, community, and experiences! We’re here to bridge the gap between Thailand brewers and distributors to the everyday consumer. We do this with our monthly Beer Drop, bringing the finest brews from local favorites to international gems direct to your doorstep. Beyond beer, we're committed to fostering a vibrant community where we explore, learn, and enjoy the best of craft brews together through events and other initiatives.

Monthly ‘Beer Drop’

Our Beer Drop is your ticket to a world of craft beer delights through thematic and story-telling. We pick beers to include each month based on their characters and how they are brought together in a single theme. Each time you open your box, we hope to surprise you and invite you through another fun journey. From Thai craft beers and global favorites, we bring them straight to your doorstep. It's an adventure in taste in which you can share the experience with friends, family, colleagues, or savor it solo – the choice is yours.


Events at Hoppy Butterfly are also tied to awareness, similar to our Drops. From intimate tastings, including corporate or private, to lively meetups, we do our best to create unforgettable experiences for our members and friends. Whether you're expanding your beer knowledge, meeting fellow enthusiasts, or just looking to enjoy with other like minded people, there's something for everyone. Join us as we celebrate the wonderful world of craft beer in Thailand!


Need help with Craft Beer in Thailand? As a proclaimed conduit we can help in many degrees, for your event, establishment or gathering.